Thursday, May 29, 2014

Summer's Vacation Is Almost Here!

I can hardly believe that summer vacation is only a day away! My two oldest kids have one day left and then they'll be home all summer. A part of me is super excited to have more time with them to do fun projects, spend time in the pool and go on our summer family vacation. But the other part of me is a bit anxious about it.  I am a list maker and have made a list of fun projects but I also have a list of educational subjects to go over with them regularly so that they don't lose the knowledge and skills they've been working so hard at retaining this school year. Because seriously, anyone who takes an 80 day break from something is bound to lose or at least be a bit rusty at it when they return. My goal as a mother is to give my kids the best opportunity to be successful in life.  I believe that means teaching my kids about Jesus, giving them responsibility and showing them respect so that they will in turn respect others. And I'm hoping that in the process my kids make lasting loving memories during their childhood. Here is the summer list so far!

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GG's 90th Birthday Party

GG's 90th Birthday Party
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