Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Just another lap...

at the CSUB pool this summer during swim practice.

2nd Grade Continued...

This past school year when Rosedale North sent home a note instructing parents that students could create a pirate ship to put on display during open house, Reilly was all over it. You see, Reilly LOVES almost any kind of art project but she especially loves to draw and paint. So, we went to the craft store and found an already put together pirate ship (bird feeder). It was perfect, Reilly didn't have to put it together but she could paint it!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Attempt #1...

to Photoshop a Picture with an online tutorial...After numerous attempts to use our Photoshop program in the past I usually felt defeated and would eventually log onto Photo Bucket to do any photo editing. I don't know why Photoshop is as complicated as it is but after learning that I could google a Photoshop question, I decided to play around with it tonight. I googled black and white photos with color enhancements and found a great tutorial that showed me how to make layers, change the saturation levels, and erase in order to bring back the color. My goal is to learn something new about Photoshop each week.

Monday, July 6, 2009

4th of July

Nick had to work at his station in Buttonwillow so Maddy and I went over to my mom's house to relax, swim, and enjoy the festivities. Aunt Jilly lives only one street away so we walked to her house to hang out with her and several friends.

Baby Shower

My sweet sis Jilly hosted a baby shower for me at her home on June 27th. I'll post more pictures from the shower when I receive them from Jill. This is the diaper cake that my dear friend Andrea made for the shower. She is so talented!

GG's 90th Birthday Party

GG's 90th Birthday Party
May 2, 2008