Saturday, April 19, 2014

The Beginning of 2014's Projects

The last time I got on my blog was well over a year ago and I posted that I'd try and frequent my blog more regularly and then life happened and I never got back on.  Anyway, I've been making an effort to get several of my projects completed and crossed off of my "To Do" list.  Pinterest continues to amaze me and my list seems to be getting a lot longer as I'm sure everyone who loves Pinterest can feel my pain with the endless list of fun projects.

At the end of March I thought that it would be SO cool to try and get one project done a day... but really who was I kidding!  The first three days were a success but by day 4 I was still working on project three and I was swamped with my daily duties of motherhood and keeping up our household.  So, I decided that as I get a project done I'll share it on here so that I can look back on all of the fun or not so fun projects that I completed through out this year. 

Project one commenced on April 1st.  I made my girls a hair bow holder for their bathroom.  I had purchased all of the materials that I needed over a year ago (including the staple gun) but never made the time to actually do it until now.

Project two began on April 2nd.  I updated, consolidated and laminated our girls weekly chore chart.  I also made a chore chart for the upcoming summer.  When the kids are home all day our home can get a bit messy with toy clutter so during the summer our kids have extra chores.  I printed both the updated chore chart and summer chore chart back to back on card stock and then laminated it.  I don't like to waste laminating pouches so doing them back to back gives me two charts for the price of one thermal laminating pouch.
                                          FRONT                                                  BACK

Project three began on April 3rd but it took me longer than a day.  I organized and entered in the data from many many receipts into our Quicken program so that I could print out reports for our taxes.  It was not a fun project.  Next tax season I am hoping that I've kept up to date better so that it's not a huge time commitment like it was this year.

Project four began today, April 19th.  I am organizing our play area for our four kids.  I am organizing their toys into bins, printing labels on card stock and of course laminating them.  I only needed five labels but I created more for my girls room and my laundry room so that I didn't waste any laminating pouches.  I really love my laminator!  I'm not sure how long this project will take me but I'll post an update when I'm done and include a photo of the play area.

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